Thursday, May 10, 2018

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How to I connect with the people at St. Andrew’s?

We want you to feel accepted at St. Andrew’s, and the best way to feel accepted is to join a small group of people who will come to know you and love you for who you are. We call these small groups Assimilation Groups, and they are the place where you will begin to form the kinds of friendships that bring joy in life, and help in times of sorrow and disappointment.

One of the easiest ways to get connected is by joining an Assimilation Bible Study Group. These groups, which meet for an hour on Sunday mornings, help you get to know others while you grow in your relationship to Jesus Christ.

Assimilation Groups also include fellowship activities such as men’s and women’s groups that meet bi-weekly or monthly.

Regardless of the kind of group you join, Assimilation Groups offer opportunities for you to connect with Christ and others through fellowship, prayer and Bible Study, and mutual support. You’ll learn more about small groups at St. Andrew’s when you attend Class 101: Discover Membership. You can also join a group like the Choir, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, or the Daughters of the Holy Cross. All theses groups will help you connect with your church family, and get to know the people here a little better so that you can begin to build the trust relationships that will allow you to grow deeper in you faith.