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Youth at St. Andrew’s are an integral part of the parish family, serving the Lord in all facets of worship, service and outreach, and learning to become more like Christ through discipleship and Christian fellowship.

Youth Acolyte Youth Voices

Youth Strings

Confirmation Hands
Youth explore questions of faith

Fr. Ron Baird lead a periodic discussion forum for high school students seeking answers to life’s big questions, such as:

This program serves as preparation for youth who desire to be confirmed.

The forum focuses on Anglican understanding of salvation and our understanding of our relationship with Jesus Christ. The format is a dialogue with students, rather than a lecture.

At the age of 16, baptized members of our parish are eligible to vote in elections for Vestry, and youth are beginning to take on more of the responsibilities of young adulthood, such as getting a driver's license, holding a part-time job and planning for college. This seems a fitting time for them to also look at making our faith their own, and if they were baptized as young children, to take personal responsibility for the vows their parents and godparents made for them in their baptism.

Youth RetreatYouth At Pantry 2

Youth FestivalYouth RetreatYouth Retreat 2

Bible Study for Youth
Youth Bible Study is held at 10:15 a.m. a.m. on Sundays.

Youth Group
The youth of St. Andrew’s meet for fellowship, fun, faith building and service as announced.

Parents Role in Youth Ministries
We are partners with you in your teens religious education, but you have the greatest influence on their lives and the greatest impact on their faith. Please encourage and support your children in becoming involved in our Youth Ministires programs.

For information about Youth Ministry at St. Andrew’s, e-mail