Participants sought for immunology studies

St. Andrew’s parishioner Roshini Abraham, an immunologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and professor of clinical pathology at The Ohio State University, is seeking adults and children to participate in clinical immunology studies she is conducting at both Nationwide Children’s and OSU. While participants should be in good general health, they should not automatically assume they are disqualified from the study, because certain medical conditions that do not affect the immune system evaluation may be accepted.

Participants are being offered $20 remuneration for adults and $50 remuneration for children. Both will be payable in gift cards.

In the children’s study, newborns to 18-year-olds will visit Nationwide Children’s Hospital for a blood draw once every three months for an indefinite period of time, unless parents voluntarily withdraw or have medical changes that would exclude your child from the study.  Data collected will be compared to children and teens with immunodeficiencies, to help researchers understand immune disorders.

In the adult study, data collected through voluntary blood draws from adults ages 19 to 75 will be used to develop normal values for interpretation of immunological tests in adults with disorders of the immune system (primary or secondary immunodeficiencies).

Click here to download details of the adult study, along with information about who to contact if you’re interested in participating.

Click here to download  children’s study, along with information about who to contact if you’re interested in participating.