Discover Classes

Discover Classes correspond with our M.A.D.E. in Christ spiritual development process and are designed to help you discover the Biblical purposes of Christ’s church and God’s plan for your life. Classes are offered quarterly, with dates announced in the weekly news sheet, flyers available at the Information Desk in the Gathering Area and on this web site.

Introduction to Membership

Once a quarter we invite newcomers to attend “Breakfast with the Priest,” an informal gathering between services on a Sunday morning. Here you’ll have an opportunity to meet Fr. Ron Baird, our rector (senior pastor) and some of our other staff, ask any questions you may have about our church, and learn a little bit about the mission and ministry of St. Andrew’s and how you can get connected here.

When you attend “Breakfast with the Priest” we’ll invite you to formally join our parish family by signing a covenant of membership, and completing a parish profile. This signals your intention to join St. Andrew’s and follow some simple Biblical principles of membership in the Body of Christ, and gives us the information we need to establish your record of membership, such as contact information and information about you and family members who are joining with you, including birth date, baptismal and confirmation dates, and date of marriage.

We understand if you’re not yet ready to join the parish after attending “Breakfast with the Priest.” Your continued presence with us in worship and other activities is welcome, regardless of whether you choose to join the parish. You may join the church at any time after “Breakfast with the Priest” simply by returning a completed parish profile.

Email us for information about the next “Breakfast with the Priest.”

Discover Spiritual Maturity

This class is an introduction to the essential habits for spiritual growth: Worship, Bible Study, Prayer, Fellowship with other Christians and Christian giving. This class will equip you with the skills you need to begin these habits and will give you some resources to help you continue them.

  • Learn how to select a Bible and how to read the Scriptures, and receive some valuable study resources.
  • Learn how to draw near to God in prayer and quiet time, and develop a framework for prayer.
  • Learn why gathering with other Christians to worship God is important, and how to get the most from Sunday worship.
  • Learn why gathering on a regular basis with a small group of Christian friends who will hold you accountable to the spiritual goals you’ve developed for your life is important.
  • Learn how the practice of Christian giving — as defined by the Biblical tithe — can help you put God first in your life.

Email us for details about the next class.

Discover your SHAPE for Ministry

In this class, you’ll learn how God shaped your for ministry, and how you can use the Spiritual gifts he gave you, your Heart or passion, your Abilities, Personality and Experiences to serve him in the church and in the world.

Discover Your Shape For Ministry is the third in our series of classes designed to help you discover God’s will for your life and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. In Discover your SHAPE for Ministry we’ll help you identify your unique SHAPE for ministry, and discover:

  • the Spiritual Gifts God has given you; the passions he has implanted in your Heart that might inspire you to serve his people; how you might use the natural Abilities with which you have been blessed in service to God;
  • how your Personality uniquely qualifies you for particular ministries; and
  • how God can use the Experiences in your life to minister to others.

You’ll complete a Personal Ministry Profile, which is a detailed Discovery tool that helps reveal how God wants to use someone with your SHAPE to serve his Church and others in need. And after the class, you’ll schedule a one-on-one meeting with a SHAPE Discovery Guide who will discuss your Personal Ministry Profile with you and help you decide where God might be calling you to serve and how he can use you to make a lasting impact.

SHAPE Discovery Session

When you complete Class 301, you take part in a SHAPE Discovery Session. In your SHAPE Discovery Session, we sit down with you and help you figure out not only what you’re good at in the body of Christ, but also what you’re good at in life. (SHAPE is an acronym for Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Ability, Personality and Experiences.) We’ll also help you get plugged into ministries for which God has uniquely shaped you.

Assimilation Bible Study Groups

Assimilation Bible Study Groups are a place where adults can gather in Christian fellowship to encounter the living presence of Christ — God’s Word — in their life. Christians need the nurture that comes from the Eucharist, from the Word of God, and from the fellowship of people who have been bound together in the Spirit.

Through Assimilation Bible Study Groups, we seek to:

  • build a community through Bible Study
  • guide participants in their journey toward becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ
  • help participants become involved in ministry in the Church and in the world

Opening the Scriptures with fellow Christians, and praying with them, allows us to get into the Word of God and find out what he wants for us so that he can be the Lord of our life.

Small Group Bible Study nourishes us with the Word of God, and gives us courage to go out in the world and proclaim with confidence that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Several of our Assimilation Small Groups bring together people with common interests, while others are of general interest.


Small Groups

Adult Small Groups are groups of people who covenant with one another to meet on a regular basis to study the Scriptures, to pray with one another, and to hold one another accountable to the spiritual goals they’ve developed for their life.

 They focus on the five disciplines of spiritual maturity (daily Bible study, daily time with God in prayer, weekly time with God in worship, weekly time with other Christian in fellowship, and weekly giving to Christ’s ministry in the Church and in the world.


Lenten Study Program

Our annual Lenten Study Program is an opportunity four our parish family to come together to make Lent a special time of discipleship, fellowship and worship. Once a week during Lent, we gather for a simple supper of soup and salad, followed by a teaching for adults and senior high students by Fr. Ron Baird. Participants then break into small groups for discussion and reflection on the teaching. Separate programs are offered simultaneously for Middle School youth and younger children. Each evening will conclude with all ages coming together for a brief time of prayer and worship using the service of Compline from the “Book of Common Prayer.”



S.A.L.T. is our annual St. Andrew’s Leadership Touchstone gathering where ministry leaders, Sunday school teachers, and others interested in learning about how to lead like Jesus come together to learn to build community, enhance communication and understanding in ministry, and more.

E-mail us for information about any of these adult discipleship opportunities.