Fr. Chris Klukas

Vestry calls Fr. Chris Klukas to
be the next rector of St. Andrew’s

We asked him to “Come and See” and he said yes!

We are excited to announce that the St. Andrew’s Vestry has called  the Rev. Christopher M. Klukas as our next rector. Fr. Chris is currently serving as rector of Good Samaritan Anglican Church in Florida. In Fr. Chris’ application he said, “I can see that you truly value excellence in liturgy, a relaxed atmosphere, and Bible-based preaching from the heart. I value these elements too, and I would be excited to build on this foundation.”

Fr. Chris and his wife Carrie have six children ranging in age from 4 to 14. Carrie is also an ordained Anglican priest; however, she currently is focusing on educating and raising their children. 

We are hopeful that the Klukas family will arrive in Ohio sometime in mid- to late-September. Fr. Chris’ first weekend services here will be Saturday, Oct. 1 and Sunday, Oct. 2 .

After speaking with Fr. Chris, Fr. Ron Baird, who will officially retire at the end of the year, said “he will be great for our congregation.” Fr. Ron went on to thank the Vestry and Search Committee for “your hard work throughout this process. I think the fruit of your labors are evident in God’s choice!”

You’ll get to know Fr. Chris, Mthr. Carrie and their family more over the next few weeks as we share additional information in “The Net” and by email.