Youth party, Christmas outreach Dec. 22

Youth Christmas party Sunday, Dec. 22

The annual St. Andrew’s Youth Christmas Party will be next Sunday, Dec. 22, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Gathering Area.

We’re excited to be partnering once again with a ministry called Joyous Trees, which provides mini Christmas trees for young people who will be spending the holidays in the hospital. Our young people will decorate these trees and write cards to hospitalized youth to let them know we’re thinking of and praying for them this time of year. This is a small but practical way to share God’s love with those recovering from illness and injury. 

There will also be pizza and Christmas cookies, along with a “White Elephant” gift exchange, a hilarious and fun time of opening gifts, then stealing them from one another.  Find something unwanted in your home, or spend $5 at most, wrap the gift and brings it to enter the exchange.  Last year Fr. Shane walked away with a Home Alone board game! 

Parents and caregivers of our youth are welcome to join them for the Christmas party!